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Oct. 28th, 2004 @ 09:14 am Please help me out...
Quality of life: creativecreative
Ok, here's the deal...I've recently gotten a pretty big urge to write a samurai story. I guess it has to do with my class or whatever, but yeah, I wanna write one. I thought some stuff over, and I've come to several options that I could do. One is a straight samurai story, set in feudal Japan, but much research would be required to get things right. Another is a samurai story with mystical elements, in a fantasy-esque version of feudal Japan. Option 3 would be a totally mythic fantasy story, based in a fantasy world, creating a samurai-like class of warriors. Not much research required, still a bit, but I can create lots of it on my own. Option 4 is the final scenario I thought of, which is a futuristic post-apocalyptic story, where there is a samurai class, but in a new world, like a revival of old ways? I may try to do all of them eventually, and may just start writing to see where it goes, but I really want some guidance here...so let me know what you think...please, all who read this, respond...thanks very much...
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Date:October 28th, 2004 01:21 pm (UTC)
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i like em all
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Date:October 28th, 2004 01:35 pm (UTC)
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not helping, Ferris!!!!!....but I appreciate the feedback...werd...any one you'd really be interested in reading over any of the others?
Date:October 29th, 2004 06:36 am (UTC)
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I like the fourth one. But this stuff has a high potential for ending up really really really corny. Watch out for that.
Date:June 23rd, 2005 08:56 pm (UTC)
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i realize u posted this about a million years ago, but i just wanted to say the post-apocalyptic story sounds sweet.